The global polymer industry continues to grow and remains one of the fastest-growing industries. New technology and innovations are making the industry even more valuable, leading to new solutions and opportunities. Yet, none of this is possible without strong research and development from talented individuals in the field.

A Look at the Changing Polymer’s Market

The polymer’s market has seen a significant amount of change and growth over the years. Dating back to the 1960s, this market has grown by twentyfold, according to research from The market, which will be worth $654.38 billion by 2020, according to Grand View Research, is a powerful one that impacts dozens of industries. As a result, it’s one of the most important places for innovation.

There are many reasons why polymers continue to be so valuable. They remain one of the most available of raw materials. They are also lower in cost than most alternative options. They tend to be easy to make and provide flexibility to use them in vast ways. All of this contributes to increasing demand.

What about the Environmental Concerns?

Even with this growth, though, comes some limitations. Specifically, there are environmental concerns and efficiency concerns within the polymers market. However, this is just a stumbling block in various ways. What we know now is that companies that invest in solutions, innovations, and new opportunities within this industry can push aside many of these concerns. It’s possible to design sustainable solutions to use these products and innovative new sources that help to reduce the risks to the environment itself. The quality of bioplastic products and recycled materials can be changed.

The key here is that manufacturers and others need to invest not just in new science, but also in the people that will make these new finds possible. New polymers are out there, but we first need to find a way to reach the people who will develop them, educate them, and encourage them.

A key component of the long-term success of the industry, then, will be in building on research and development.

At Polymer Chemistry, we recognize the importance of research and development, but also in supporting the people that are behind this industry. That is why we consistently offer research funding and support the education and development of the people who will change the outlook of this industry many times over. Read more about us here.