Polymer Chemistry Innovations is a world-class manufacturer of monomers and polymers, with decades of experience in small molecule reactions and distillation chemistries. PCI has the technical PCI is proud to offer toll and contract manufacturing services, including product development, process optimization, and analytical support. With a range of reaction vessel sizes, and decades of experience, PCI is uniquely able to assist in the scale-up of manufacturing process as well as optimize for increased yield and improved efficiencies. PCI has two full-service facilities to meet a diverse set of customer needs.

Tucson, Arizona

Polymer Chemistry Innovations’ Tucson facility specializes in polymer synthesis and analytical chemistry. Several analytical capabilities are available in-house, and a close relationship with nearby University of Arizona provides additional analytical support as needed.

Alvin, TX

Located just 35 miles southeast of Houston, TX, PCI’s Alvin location offers a unique combination of process development and toll manufacturing on a large scale. PCCB has extensive experience in condensation reactions for fuel-additive applications, along with complex azeotropic distillation serving a number of industries.
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