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Custom Polymer Synthesis

Ionic or Condensation Polymerizations

PCI’s custom polymer synthesis services offer flexibility, increased efficiency and substantial cost savings. They are particularly advantageous to companies looking to develop and produce specialty polymers in quantities too small to produce in-house, or to companies that have a new product concept but no immediate access to company pilot plant facilities.

By switching to PCI’s services, our clients get the benefits of lower overhead costs and shorter lead times for product introduction – which means better margins and an increased competitive edge.

More Than Just Reactor Capacity

Specialized polymers require special focus. To ensure that every product gets the individual attention it needs, we assign each client one of our experienced polymer chemists. Individual attention helps our clients improve their processes, increase production efficiency and reduce waste and its associated costs.

Product Commercialization

Gram Scale to Tanker Quantities

For companies seeking to scale-up an existing product or develop an idea, PCI offers comprehensive, cost-effective product commercialization capabilities. One of our most distinctive attributes is the ability to provide product commercialization on any scale, at any stage of development.

We can manufacture materials from gram scale to tanker quantities, enabling a seamless transition from the lab to the market through various stages of scale-up – making PCI a one-stop resource for cost-viable commercialization of specialty polymers.

Toll Manufacturing Services

Through our Chocolate Bayou plant in Texas, we also offer extensive toll manufacturing services. This state-of-the-art facility offers stainless steel reactors up to 10,000 gallons, Hastelloy® reactors, a unique distillation tower with 77 HETP for ultra-high purity distillations, and other unique equipment for specialized needs. The site also provides excellent access to transportation and raw materials. Combined with PCI’s unique chemistry and engineering expertise, our resources present an excellent opportunity for companies seeking specialized manufacturing capabilities on any scale.